60’- 0” LOA

60’- 0” DWL

12’- 7” Beam

14’- 9” Draft

21,063 lb. Disp.

Bruce’s mission was to become the first American sailor to complete the rigorous Vendee Globe. He achieved his goal through dedication, founding a non-profit, and hiring Steve Rander and Tom Wylie to build and design his vessel.

With limited funds, we elected to develop a very narrow boat by solo marathon race standards. Her beam-length ratio of 4.8 is considerably slimmer than the typical ratio of 3. OceanPlanet was built similar to Rage in the proven Schooner Creek COVE system. She uses two diagonal layers of 1/8” western red cedar on either side of 1” 5 lb. Divinycell. Her deck is 6mm okume plywood on either side of 1” Nomex. The cabin and cockpit are custom carbon laminates by Chase Boats. Her unstayed carbon rig, by Composite Engineering, distinguishes her from other Vendee boats. The mast is 12” in diameter at the base and has a 1/8” carbon fiber wall. For more information about Bruce’s adventures on OceanPlanet, please visit Bruce’s website and read Dennis Caprio’s “Bruce Schwab on a Tightrope” in Wooden Boat.

Wood, Schooner Creek Boat Works Built, 2001 Launch