“Wylie’s (education) is the sort of hard-earned empirical knowledge shared by plenty of other top-drawer designers present and past, and for which there is no strictly academic substitute.”

Steven Callahan “Native Son”

Professional BoatBuilder


“It would be difficult to find a designer who defies stereotyping as well as the Bay Area’s Tom of the local yacht design ‘hall of famers’.”

Shimon Van Collie “TOM WYLIE: A Rebel Without A Pause”

Latitude 38


“WYLIECAT Yachts and Tom Wylie take many features used in other Wylie designs and combine them in new ways to make the WYLIECAT 44 the most innovative boat of 2006.”


“...Tom Wylie was selected to develop the design (Aqui No Mas) for several reasons, among which are, an ability to design IMS race-winners, like Kropp Duster and WarSpite, and a conviction that cruising boats can be designed for easy handling by two people.


“The elegantly simple, single-sail WYLIECAT 30 makes the fun of sailing instantly accessible.

Sailing Magazine  


“Wylie has produced an eclectic portfolio of designs, including the 21’ American Express which introduced water ballast to the biannual Mini-Transat and won the 1979 race... In ‘92 Wylie’s work took a new turn when...Steve Rander asked Wylie to design him a 70’ ultralight high-performance cruiser...that could cruise with just his wife as crew. Wylie, who prefers to keep a low profile...took these requirements in stride and designed Rage.”

Peter J. Marsh “Losing Weight”

Professional BoatBuilder


Tom Wylie is more than a sailboat designer with over 60 designs to his credit, he is a force of nature, for nature.

John Riise  


“Tom Wylie is the John Muir of the Sea.”                                              Congressman Sam Farr 

“The vessel (Baylis) confounds static minds in several ways, as most of designer Tom Wylie’s creations tend to do.”

Dieter Loibner “A Wylie Approach to Marine Science”

American Yacht Review


“Wylie has know Tompkins since sailing together on a race to Acapulco in 1966 on a Cal 40. This acquaintance has resulted in several joint projects over the years and is considered by Wylie a major influence on his design philosophy...Wylie remained close to the Flashgirl project...lending his expertise to structural engineering and load calculations that became necessary (for the) water ballast and a lifting keel.

Dieter Loibner “Flashgirl”

American Yacht Review


“Tom Wylie has an enviable reputation for designing fast boats, and OceanPlanet merely adds to it.”

Dennis Caprio “Bruce Schwab on a Tightrope”

Wooden Boat


“Californian Tom Wylie is a prominent naval architect whose designs include everything from IMS race winners to bona fide cruising boats, not to mention the 30-foot catboat he sails with his 70 year old mother.

Ed Lawrence “Meeting of the Minds”

Cruising World


“(Wylie’s) quest centers on the concept of diminished resistance, which is key to making boats that knife through the water.

Steve Hawk “The Art of Diminished Resistance

Sierra Magazine


Mitch Tobias