Aesthetics, performance, comfort, and speed typify WYLIECAT designs. Using the latest in composite technology, efficient hulls, and optimized cat rigs, our boats provide pleasure, speed and safety. For this reason, they have enjoyed two Boat of The Year awards.

WYLIECAT boats embody simplicity. Less gear is more savings and more time to enjoy on the water. WYLIECAT boats do not require standing rigging, jibs, spinnakers, or thousands of pounds of crew weight to sail fast. To trim the lone sail, only two lines are needed. The freestanding carbon fiber mast bends automatically to adjust to the wind pressure. As a result, the boat feels light on the rudder and never heels dramatically. When the halyard is eased, the sail elegantly folds into the lazyjacks of the wishbone boom. The easiest furling system in the world, free of charge. For more information, please read Herb McCormick’s “One Cool Catboat” for Cruising World


Enjoy the elegance and raw power of the 2006  Most Innovative Boat of The Year The WYLIECAT 44.

To learn more, please visit WYLIECAT.COM and the dealer, Bearmark Yachts.