“I wanted a boat that was fast, fun, safe, and with no bad habits. Now after 10,000 miles of sailing Roxanne, I can say without hesitation that we have met all the original criteria.”

Dr. Tom Petty



“My boat is the culmination of desires and dreams which were waiting to be fulfilled for many years. She represents the artful harmony of beauty and function and she’s the culmination of everything one can dream about.

Dr. Michael Katz



“The unstayed carbon rig makes a lot of sense regarding the ease of sailing, the low maintenance and performance. Plus, I respect designer Tom Wylie and builder Dave Wahle and wanted to help turn their dream (the Baylis) into a reality...Based on what I experienced with the Baylis, I expect our own boat to sail very well, be easy on the crew and address the wants of sailors that otherwise would opt for trawlers or a set of golf clubs. ”

Randy Repass, founder West Marine



“Wylie designs race boats and Wahle is a great sailor. They put their heads together to built me a Porsche that you can camp in. They are my dream makers.”

Chris Gibbs

Checkered Past

Wheelchair Accessible WYLIECAT 39’


“I accepted that it would take a long time, but now it is enormously gratifying to look back on the process from the conception to the miracle of having her. Getting there, took me 70 years and countless boats that all lacked the finish or the details I wanted on my perfect boat.”

Commodore Tompkins



“With only two lines to adjust, the choker and the mainsheet, the WYLIECAT 30 is as fast or faster than any other 30 footer out there, including the ultralights. The top of the mast bends off to leeward in puffs so you don’t need to de-power or reef. This is truly a concept I can relate to: Easy Sailing!

Skip Allan